Alexandra HaLevy is an American-Israeli stand-up comedian and television writer. As a comic, she has been described as a “pervy, middle-aged man trapped in the body of a cute Jewish lesbian.” 

She hilariously uses irony and satire in addressing issues of racism, sexism, and other social turmoil, while much of her material focuses on lesbian life and the hysterical inner workings of her romantic relationships. Her writing style is a combination of quick punchlines and dry deliveries, and for over a decade she has generated routines woven from well-crafted storytelling that are laced with sharp one-liners.

In 2017, Alex appeared on season 3 of Laughs in a total of two episodes. They originally aired on FOX before becoming available on Hulu. Later that year a Laugh Factory produced compilation of her stand-up was released on Amazon. In 2020, Alex made her European television debut performing live from the WUK in Vienna, Austria.

Formerly based in Los Angeles and having toured all over the United States, Alex now resides in Tel Aviv and performs stand-up all over Europe and Asia.

Alexandra Halevy